Put your calendar online and let your leads schedule appointments

Tired of playing phone tag? Online appointment scheduling software eliminates the back-and-forth of old-school sales scheduling so you can get back to business. It eases out the pain of writing lengthy and elaborate emails to schedule appointments. And when it comes to cancellation, it’s more relieving than the conventional email exchange. The solution for all such problems is the appointment scheduling software. Create a personal scheduling page, put your appointment calendar on your website, include calendar links in individual emails and automated marketing campaigns, and let the hottest leads come to you.

Online Appointment Scheduling Software Features

Put Your Calendar Online

CREATE A CALENDAR IN SECONDS Allow your customers to schedule appointments from a list of available time slots and dates you have made available as ‘events’ in your calendars. Our appointment scheduling software allows you to add the events to your Agile or Google calendars and stay notified about open and booked appointments automatically.

Send Calendar Invites Automatically

SAVE TIME Send your appointment scheduling link to customers and ask them to pick a date and time that works for them. Pull contact info so that your sales or support team can keep the scheduled appointments. Spend more time with buy-ready leads. This is another great feature of the online appointment scheduling software.

Manage Time Slots

Select the dates and the time slots when you are available and display them in the appointment scheduling software link to your customers and let them choose their dates. Also set available times for each day according to their timezone to avoid any confusion at the time of the appointment on the day.

Show Available Dates & Time

Choose the dates and the time slots you are available and show them in the appointment scheduling software link to your customers and let them choose their dates. Also set available times for each day according to ther timezone so there won't be any confusion on the time of the appointment of the day.

Take Contact Info

GATHER LEADS EFFICIENTLY The software automatically creates a new contact record in your CRM for anyone who books a new meeting. You can easily publish your online appointment calendar to your website, app or blog. This makes you ready for more appointments from your hottest leads. Ask your customers for their contact info like Phone number, Skype ID and Email. Keep your appointments with your customers and onboard your customers.

Integrate Multiple Calendars

ALL AT ONE PLACE The automated appointment scheduling software integrates with Google, Outlook and Office 365 Calendars among others. New meetings are automatically synced as appointments, and you’ll receive an email notification when you use the online appointment scheduling software.

Group Appointment Scheduling

REQUEST TO MANY Agile CRM has enabled Group Appointment Scheduling to make the online appointment scheduling tool even more productive for sales and support teams. Now a single scheduling URL can be used to share calendars of several CRM users. Once you send the group URL to a contact, they can set up a meeting with any of the users. This enhancement can be a boon to the onboarding and support teams. The customers can easily find an open time slot that fulfill their needs, and your sales and support teams can manage the call load among team members.