Auto Dialer - imJenius CRM

One-click dialing, call recording, call logs, outreach analysis, reporting, and more…

Select multiple contacts and dial them one-by-one, either automatically or manually. Take customer interaction to the next level with imJenius CRM's industry-leading power dialer feature.

Automate, streamline and manage your telephone outreach.

Outbound Calls

Place calls from you imJenius CRM dashboard with a single click. You can use the Auto Dialer to make a single call, or line up a set of subsequent calls to a list of contacts and move through it rapidly.

Inbound Calls

Receive calls from your contacts without ever leaving your CRM. Maintain insight into caller details with quick views of customer information before, during or after a call.

Missed Call Alerts

Stay on top of things by receiving an automated alert each time you miss a call.

Call Tags

Add call tags to contacts you speak with in order to better identify them in the future. When you check your call history, you’ll be able to easily recall who you spoke to.

Call Muting

Use the mute feature any time you need to address something else during the call.

Call Recording & Playback

Record important calls so that you can focus on the conversation rather than taking notes. Then play them back whenever you need to reference what was discussed.

Call Logs

Keep track of your communications and those of your staff with real time call logs. Reference them when necessary to keep everyone on track and accountable.

Call Wrap-up

Wrap up time is available between each call. Use this window to take notes from the last call and prepare for the next.

Call Reporting

Receive regular email reports around the call activity of your staff to help manage performance, identify areas for improvement, and ensure everyone is staying on task.