Connecting your team, no matter where they are.

Businesses today are more dynamic than ever before. And dynamic businesses need the ability to connect their team members—no matter where they all are—with conference calling. Agile CRM’s conferencing capabilities allow you to connect your team and streamline conference call meetings.

Soft Phone Conferencing

Use Agile CRM’s telephony integrations to incorporate a variety of soft phones into your system. Use them to organize or participate in conferencing, without having to leave your Agile CRM system.

Hard Phone Conferencing

If you prefer using a hard phone, check out Agile CRM’s integration with Asterisk. Continue using your hard phone and still benefit from the ability to manage your conferencing through the Agile CRM interface.

Call Recording

Enable call recording features and record your conference calls from within Agile CRM with a click of the mouse. This is particularly helpful if a team member can’t be present for the call—simply record and share with them afterward.