CRM Reporting

Enjoy maximum insight into your results with graphical metrics and powerful reporting

Agile CRM’s reporting capabilities go well beyond traditional CRM reporting, providing drill down metrics with cohort analysis, conversion reports, advanced analytics and more.

Custom Reports

Create your own custom reports using the criteria you want in order to slice, dice and view the data in exactly the way you need.

Scheduled Report Delivery

Schedule any report to automatically run at a set time and have the results delivered to your email inbox. Or schedule a recurring report to run at a set time and it will be delivered to you each time it is run.

Growth Reports

See how you are moving the needle with visual reports that tell you how your lead pool and customer base is growing over time.

Funnel and Cohort Analysis

View how many leads are in each stage of the sales funnel and how quickly they are moving through. Drill down to understand what is driving qualification and conversion for a specific cohort of leads.

Campaign Reports

Campaign Reports Generate metrics around the results of marketing campaigns, such as emails opened, unique clicks, leads converted and more.

Charts and Graphs

Take advantage of visual charts and graphs that provide an at-a-glance view into big picture results such as how many deals are at which stage of your sales process.