Email Finder

Use the email finder to easily locate, verify, and import unknown email addresses into your CRM.

Need the email address of a potential prospect but you’re unsure how to acquire it? With Agile’s email finder, you can locate an unknown email address in no time. You want your sales team nurturing leads and closing deals, not spending hours searching for contact information. Free up their time so they can focus on what matters most.

Smart Email Searches

All you need is the contact’s first and last names, along with their company’s website address. The email finder then takes that information and searches known email servers and possible email patterns to give you the most probable address for that contact.

Social Media Import

Integrations with social media applications let you use the email finder to easily identify and import the email addresses of potential prospects from social media platforms.

Email Verification

Use the email finder to verify a newly found or existing email address with one click to ensure that it is an active, functioning address. Drastically reduce emails sent to incorrect or non-functioning addresses.