Exit Intent Popups

Convert abandoning visitors using custom exit intent popups

Set web rules in Agile CRM to show personalized Exit Intent pop-ups to your visitors

Exit Intent Popup Features

Exit Intent Popups

Reduce Abandonment Rate Turn abandoning web visitors into devoted customers with Agile's sophisticated Exit Intent technology. Agile lets you set web rules to trigger campaigns in response to users' real-time and past behavior. Send personalized, targeted messages to your visitors at the moment they are about to abandon a page. Turn abandoning web visitors into devoted customers with Agile's sophisticated Exit Intent technology. Based on the visitor’s web behavior, you can provide them with coupon codes, freebies, and other goodies to glue them to your website. The Exit Intent popup can be customized as per your business offering and it decreases the probability of visitors leaving the website very soon. This also helps you devise a plan to make your website more engaging and informative as per the requirement of the web visitors.

Interact with Customers

WELCOME BACK! Engage known users automatically with Agile's personalized web engagement popups and emails. Extend enticing offers based on user interests and buying patterns. In a way, an exit intent popup enables you to interact more with your existing customers. You can drop a mail to an existing customer who is not using your product since a long time and welcome him/her back. As a welcome incentive, you can add a discount coupon there.

Engage New Leads

THANKS FOR VISITING! Set up campaigns to target new visitors' page bounce by focusing on their individual behavior (or inaction) and the particular page they landed on or spent the most time browsing. Offer relevant discounts, show sign-up forms, or set up other automatic actions. Identify the pages where there’s more traffic and spin an engagement strategy around it. An Exit Intent popup takes you there.

Exit Intent for eCommerce

COUPONS, DISCOUNTS AND REMINDERS Website performance is critical to eCommerce success. Shoppers who browse your site but shop elsewhere are a wasted opportunity. Agile’s Exit Intent lets you survey visitors on pages with high bounce rates before they exit, so you can diagnose the problem. Re-engage abandoning visitors with special offers and coupons using Agile's intelligent Exit Intent popups.

Combat Cart Abandonment

CLOSE THE DEAL In online business, every buyer who abandons a shopping cart hurts the bottom line. The reason can be anything but it hinders the flow of revenues into the business. Agile CRM addresses cart abandonment with targeted coupons/discounts and perfectly timed cross-product selling. Turn cart abandoners into devoted shoppers.