Powerful tools to simplify your marketing world

You’re in good hands. We’ve identified each step of the direct marketing process and developed simple and powerful tools and features to make your life easier.

The best campaigns start off with targeting the right audience.

Email & Cell Appends

Fill in missing customer data with email and cell numbers, so your existing database can begin to create full customer profiles and create opportunities to communicate through more channels.

Data Modeling

We take targeting to a whole new level by matching relevant filters to your database to create conquest prospects based on similar interests, demographics, behavior, and more.

Manage & Development

It’s like having a built-in CRM to help manage customer lists and data points across campaigns to create targeted future outreaches.

Create personalized marketing that speaks directly to customers.

Personalized URLs

Generate unique urls featuring customer names to boost response and engagement from direct mail, email, and SMS.

Phone & SMS Tracking Codes

Track customer calls and texts by providing them with unique tracking codes, so all phone and sms correspondence is personalized.

Variable and Merge Fields

Speak to customers directly in your marketing by using variable fields like customer name, company name, approval amounts, vehicle, and more.

Consumer Social Share

Our built in share functionality gives customers the power to share your offer with their social network, generating an additional level of response through the power of word of mouth.

Create and publish new content in minutes.

The quickest way to deploy omnichannel campaigns is here in a sleek view. Customize & launch your most powerful marketing mix across several channels with 20 different features.

The design editor was created by marketing experts to simplify the creation process while still launching the most responsive campaigns.


Use variable data to speak to each customer individually, boosting engagement and response.

Domain Ninja

It's as easy as finding an available domain. We handle everything else behind the scenes.

Marketing Automation

Design and schedule your campaigns to automatically launch and deploy including emails, SMS, and appointment reminders.


Consumers engage with marketing through many devices. All designs are optimized for any screen without compromising quality.

Reach, Respond, Engage

Go where your customers are and give them multiple chances to respond and engage with your business.

Direct Mail Integration

Power your mail with tracking at every level from IMB, phone and web. Add powerful response channels with voice, sms, and digital to increase engagement.

Mail Integration

Power your mail with tracking at every level from IMB, phone and web. Add powerful response channels with voice, sms, and digital to increase engagement.


Generate local numbers and unique activation codes, so customers can call into your number and hear a personalized script about your event with personalized details.

Email Campaigns

Easily create up to 6 scheduled emails per campaign with pre-built spam filtered templates, so you know your emails get delivered each time.

Two-Way Text

Engage in real time SMS conversations with customers when they respond to your text message through the conversation channel.

Facebook / IG Lead Forms

Create and launch a Facebook and Instagram campaign with lead form integration. Leads are collected while automated text responses are delivered immediately.


Let customers use voice-first technology and make it easy to respond through Amazon and Google’s virtual assistants. With Voice, they can answer survey questions, set appointments, and more.

Influencer Links

Empower your biggest brand advocates with unique links that track multiple sources and affiliates. See who’s driving response and conversions in a campaign.

Programmatic Marketing

Follow up with anonymous website visitors immediately with programmatic mail, emails, and digital retargeting. The absolute best way to turn up the heat on your hot leads.

Get the most out of each campaign

Social Sharing

Boost your campaign reach and influence when customers share your campaign via email, Facebook, and Twitter. This feature could start a viral campaign as one friend shares on their network, to be picked up by five more friends that also share.

Phone Lookup

Automatically have customer numbers labeled as mobile or landline as they respond through the phone, so you know how to market to them in future outreaches.

Smart Pixl

We have the ability to pull data from anonymous visitors on your site to deliver names, addresses, emails, and more without them ever filling out a form.

Lead Alerts & Lead Reminders

Get immediate alerts when consumers repsond to your marketing. Use our lead reminder tool to increase response by sending text and email reminders to consumers that responded.

Custom Lead Forms

Create lead forms multiple ways, so you capture the most important customer data in each campaign.


Build full customer profiles by adding surveys to landing pages, voice activation, sms, and via the phone, so across all inbound channels you’re gathering consistent data.