Increase collaboration, lead conversion and revenue generation by gamifying your sales process.

Step up your sales game with Agile CRM's industry-leading gamification software. When done right, gamification encourages both competition and collaboration on your sales team, driving increased lead conversion and revenue. Agile CRM’s gamification feature set helps your sales team stay focused and improve their numbers every day by treating sales like a competition.

Gamify Sales

COMPETITION THAT GETS RESULTS Sales gamification isn't just a trend, it’s a tool proven to ignite your sales team and motivate them to deliver results. Use Agile CRM’s features to amp up competition among your salesforce with side-by-side comparisons of individual rep performance, deals won, calls made, revenue generated and more. Our customers find that competition also encourages sales teams to take advantage of Agile CRM's complete feature set for sales enablement.

Encourage Collaboration

IMPROVE RESULTS THROUGH COMPETITION Collaboration is an often-overlooked benefit of gamifying your sales process, but it's just as important as competition. Let us prove it to you with a streamlined app that encourages open mentoring, coaching, sales team project management, information sharing and collaborative sales techniques. Have your top reps mastered Agile's sales features? Create incentives for them to mentor sales development representatives and share their secrets to success with others.

Custom Leaderboards

SEE WHO'S LEADING THE PACK Quickly see how each sales rep is performing with leaderboard stats updated in real time. Each user can add a custom leaderboard to their Agile CRM dashboard and customize it to display actionable insights about each rep's deals, tasks, calls and revenue.

Real-Time Data Updates

ALERTS AND ACTIVITIES IN REAL TIME Want to rise to the top of the leaderboard? Using sales gamification software, set up custom alerts based on contact actions, lead scores, emails opened, links clicked, deal milestones and new appointments. Reach out to your hottest leads at just the right time, close more deals and inspire your team. Blend real-time gamification with sales process automation to maximize your results.

Gamification Reports

CUSTOM REPORTS DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX Don't just gamify sales, track the results and continually improve sales performance. Easily set up custom email reports around the results your team is producing. Want to track a particular sales rep's performance, or keep tabs on an important deal in the pipeline? Looking for a daily or weekly report on new contacts, deals or user activities? Get the reports you want delivered to your inbox as often as you like.

Advanced Reporting

COMPREHENSIVE SALES METRICS Use sales gamification software to mine your sales gamification process for actionable insights with advanced analytics, metrics and reports. Track revenue over time, compare sales tactics, conversion metrics, deal funnels and customer lifecycles. Maintain insight into how gamification strategies and sales rep performance affect your bottom line.