Inbound CTI

Computer Telephony Integration Transform your CRM into a call center to automate the administration of incoming calls to your customer support and sales teams.

Customer Support Call Center

Leverage Agile CRM as your company’s customer support call center. Use the system to automate things like call sorting, tracking call histories, and routing incoming calls to the appropriate support rep.

Call Scripts

Create and maintain various call scripts that your team can follow to deliver concise, accurate information every time a customer calls. Give them an exact script or simple talking points. Ensure that everyone is staying on message and conveying the same information in the same way.

Call Notes & Histories

Once your call is in progress, your reps can take notes while they speak. Once the call ends, those notes get automatically added to the contact’s call history while the rep moves on to take the next call.

Inbound Prospects

Route incoming calls from prospects to your sales reps so that no product inquiry goes unanswered and no opportunity to engage a lead ever gets lost. Track it all with robust metrics and reporting.

Call Recording

A user-friendly interface makes it easy to enable call recording features and record any call with a click of the mouse. Every contact’s call history is tracked and all recordings are saved for future reference.