Use inbox sales CRM to fully manage your email communications from within your system.

Everyone multitasks these days, but switching between various applications to complete different tasks can be cumbersome and time consuming. Inbox sales CRM lets you fully access and manage your third-party email account without ever having to leave the system.

Email Integration

Full email integration lets you send, receive and reply to emails, right from your Agile dashboard. Attach documents and track email metrics, like opens and links clicked. Interact manually with automated email campaigns. Do it all from within Agile CRM.

Third-Party Email Access

Use inbox sales CRM to sync up to three email accounts—including Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or IMAP—with Agile CRM for comprehensive, two-way email communication between your staff and your customers or prospects.

Mobile Accessibility

Not only is your third-party email fully integrated and available from within Agile CRM, inbox sales CRM also makes it available on the Agile mobile app, meaning you can stay connected from anywhere.

Full Access to Email History

When using your email account through Agile’s third-party integrations, you have access to all your email data just as you would in the original application. Search for past emails. Access your saved contacts. Enjoy complete email access without leaving your CRM.