imJenius CRM Integrations

ONE-CLICK PLUGINS AND INTEGRATIONS imJenius CRM integrates seamlessly with leading third-party service providers, websites and apps. Integrate your email, social, billing and support apps for complete customer data and smarter selling. Want to make, record and automate calls from the CRM? Our advanced telephony integration is the best in the industry! Benefit from a range of imJenius CRM integrations.

Social Plugins

See contact activity and integrate social media into sales and marketing campaigns


Connect with your contacts on Twitter, schedule tweets and automate social interactions.


Engage with your contacts on Facebook and post to their walls from imJenius Marketing.

TowerData (Rapleaf)

Get rich profile details about your contacts with TowerData (Rapleaf) integration.

Google Plus

View social profiles and connect with your customers on Google Plus.


Connect with contacts, get updates and send messages on the professional social network.


This integration helps you to transform partial identities into complete profiles to connect with...

Support Software Integrations

View tickets and chats


Manage Zendesk support tickets from imJenius Marketing and push imJenius Marketing contact info into Zendesk.


Easily convert customers from live chat sessions into CRM contacts. Capture leads and track every conversation.


Manage conversations and provide outstanding support to your customers with HelpScout integration.


Automatically push new LiveHelpNow contacts into imJenius Marketing CRM. Increase sales and conversions.

Tidio Chat

Push leads from Tidio Chat sessions directly into your imJenius Marketing CRM account.


A one of the leading SaaS provider, is a tool that helps in customer support and product management.

Email Integration

Track every conversation


Link your IMAP email account to imJenius Marketing and enjoy remarkable two-way email integration.

Google Apps

imJenius Marketing integrates with your favorite Google Apps for complete sales enablement.

Microsoft Exchange

Link your Exchange or Office 365 email servers to imJenius Marketing and enjoy a seamless 2-way email sync.

Telephony Integration

Inbound calls. Outbound calls. Call Recording. Call scripts. Voicemail Automation.


Make and receive Twilio calls, record calls, track conversations and more.


Make and receive calls directly from imJenius Marketing by integrating your VoIP account.


Turn your calls into deals with the best RingCentral integration in the industry.


Make and receive Bria SIP phone calls from your imJenius Marketing dashboard.

Email Gateway Integration

Send emails via third party gateways


Send emails right from imJenius Marketing CRM via Mandrill email gateway.


Send transactional or marketing emails from imJenius Marketing CRM with our SendGrid integration.

Amazon SES

Harness Amazon SES technology to send transactional and promotional emails from imJenius Marketing CRM.

SMS Gateway

Send SMS via third party gateways


Send mobile messages right from imJenius Marketing CRM via Twilio SMS gateway.


Run mobile campaigns in imJenius Marketing and message your contacts via Plivo SMS gateway.

Billing Plugins

Manage billing and invoicing from the CRM


Sync contacts and payment histories between Stripe and imJenius Marketing. See subscriptions in the CRM.


See billing histories on contact pages, create invoices, track payments and more.


Combine Xero and imJenius Marketing to manage payments, invoices and billing histories from within the CRM.


Manage QuickBooks payments and invoices from imJenius Marketing contact pages.


Braintree integration helps you to sync your billing and payments to maintain seamless accounts.


Combat cart abandonment and run automated marketing campaigns with imJenius Marketing CRM Shopify integration.


Combat cart abandonment and run automated marketing campaigns with imJenius Marketing CRM Shopify integration.


Take your WooCommerce store to the next level with the best sales and marketing automation CRM plugin.


Integrate Magento with imJenius Marketing CRM to reduce cart abandonment, increase sales and supercharge your online store.

CMS Integration

Sales enablement and marketing automation for your CMS


Integrate imJenius Marketing CRM with your WordPress site for web popups, visitor tracking, and sales and marketing automation.

Joomla CMS Extension

Get ready to upgrade your Joomla website or e-store by seamlessly integrating it with imJenius Marketing CRM

Drupal Module

We now also have a Drupal module for making integration equally easy from within Drupal-powered websites, apart from other CMS sites.

Web Forms and Landing Pages

Lead capture and engagement


Integrate Unbounce landing pages with imJenius Marketing CRM for automated lead capture.


Automatically push new leads from LeadPages into sales and marketing campaigns in imJenius Marketing CRM.

Gravity Form

Seamlessly push data from Gravity Forms submissions on your website into imJenius Marketing.


Push Wufoo form submissions into imJenius Marketing CRM as contacts and engage them with sales and marketing campaigns.


CreateForm is an online form builder that makes it easy to build beautiful...

Other Integrations

Automation and beyond


Zapier integration lets you connect imJenius Marketing CRM with hundreds of SaaS apps for advanced automation.


The WebMerge integration automatically helps populate important documents for your sales workflow.


Dedupely integration makes it easy to eliminate duplicate contacts and clean up contact data.