Lead Prospector

Search for and locate the leads you want on social media and import them into your CRM with ease.

Social media sites are ripe with information about potential customers. But how do you streamline the capture of all that available data without it being a cumbersome, manual process? Leverage Agile CRM’s lead prospector to automate and streamline the process of pulling leads found on social media into your CRM.

LinkedIn Lead Capture

Go to LinkedIn and do a contact or company search. When the results appear, you will see an Agile CRM sidebar that lets you select a contact and pull them into Agile CRM along with their company name, job title and location.

Tagging Leads

When you select leads to pull into Agile CRM, you also have the option to tag them during the process. Let’s say you found 10 contacts at a software company that is a potential customer—you can choose to tag all of them with the word “software” so they automatically get segmented with other software companies for further marketing.

Email Finder

Once you have a contact’s first name, last name, and company website address, you can use Agile CRM’s email finder. The system takes that contact information and automatically searches known email servers and possible email patterns to give you the most probable address for that contact.

Bulk Lead Acquisition

When you search LinkedIn for contacts, it’s likely that many appear—particularly if you do a company search—and you may want to save more than one to your database. Simply select all, or pick and choose the ones you want to import, and pull them into Agile CRM in bulk.