What is Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a methodology used by sales and marketing departments to rank leads, or prospective customers by assigning values to them based on their behaviour relating to a products or services.

Every business—large or small—needs to generate new leads in order to expand their client base and grow their business in the process. The question is: how do you find leads, determine which of them is worth your time, and which are dead-end leads? Lead scoring helps you measure the viability of a lead and its likelihood of becoming a customer. Let’s dig into the ins and outs of lead scoring to get to the core of its importance for your business.

Lead Scoring Definition

It’s a common question. Many have heard of the concept, but don’t know exactly what lead scoring is. Put simply, lead scoring is the process of awarding points to leads for certain actions taken in conjunction with your company—typically online. These could include opening and clicking emails, visiting important web pages, completing a sales lead form to download high value content, etc. It’s up to you to determine your lead scoring model—i.e. how many points each action is worth, and at what scoring threshold you consider a lead to be marketing qualified. But, before we go any further, let’s start back at the beginning and discuss lead generation and lead capture.

Generating and Capturing Leads

The first question is: how do I generate and capture leads as part of my lead generation process? There are many lead generation strategies: allowing visitors to sign up for your email newsletter or blog, posting on social media and bringing new leads back to your website where they can fill out forms and be added to your lead database, creating web forms to capture lead data in exchange for your killer content, using web pop-ups to offer discounts or promotions in exchange for contact info, creating landing pages to house your lead forms and capture leads online, etc. Agile CRM provides many lead generation tools to help you build your email list faster and more effectively.

Automating the Process

Agile CRM provides automated lead scoring, so the process happens in the background, while you focus on other work. You set system triggers to automatically score each lead for any action that you have specified deserves a score. You determine how many points they get when you set up your lead scoring methodology and model. You also tell the system when to consider them marketing qualified (sales ready) and the system automatically sends a notification to the sales rep so they can follow up and strike while the iron is hot. Note: you can also manually add points to a lead’s score for actions that take place offline.

Handing Qualified Leads off to Sales

Once a lead is deemed qualified by the lead scoring system you set up, they are automatically passed over to sales. All of the actions that have taken place to get them to the qualified stage are available to the sales rep via Agile CRM’s 360-degree contact view. With marketing automation-based lead scoring, your reps will be armed with all the insight they need to close the deal.