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What is Marketing Automation?

A software that allows businesses of all sizes to optimize their efficiency and customer relationships. For small businesses with limited employees, it allows them to run multiple campaigns successfully and manage their time efficiently. It also makes it easier and more organized for larger organizations to connect with each of their customers in a highly personalized way.

Optimize customer relationships in an omnichannel environment

Using this software, marketers can now provide their customers a seamless and prompt experience, regardless of channel or device. Businesses can now engage with their customers on a website, mobile device, digital catalog or through social media.

Generate, Score, Nurture and Segment your leads

Improve your lead management activity in the form of generating, scoring, nurturing and segmentation. imJenius Marketing CRM's next generation automation technology can help you reach out to a potential lead right from the beginning of their interaction and keep a track of their individual digital behavior to gain highly actionable insights.

Get Measurable Results & Actionable Insights

Analytical insights offered by leading SMB marketing automation solutions have helped marketers track and respond to unique customer behavior and take decisive action by interpreting the same. B2B Marketers who proactively leverage data-driven marketing are “three times more likely than laggards to report achieving competitive advantage in customer engagement/loyalty.

Shorten the Sales Cycle,
close more deals

Marketers who use automation close deals quickly, shortening the traditional sales cycle by replacing it with an automated one. This automation tool eases and expedites the process of lead nurturing to the point that they’re actually buying.

Here's an interesting graphical representation to understand the evolution of marketing automation.

Features of imJenius Marketing Automation Software

Drag and Drop Designer

THE ULTIMATE WORKFLOW Define your marketing workflows with an easy drag-and-drop designer. Build multi-step marketing campaigns visually in just a few minutes using our automation tool.


PERFECTLY TIMED Autoresponders enable smarter nurturing, onboarding, lead scoring and sales. Send automatic email responses and follow-up messages based on time or contact actions, all of this through automation software.


CUSTOMIZABLE TEMPLATES Send periodic newsletters to customers to keep them informed using imJenius Marketing CRM's free email newsletter templates. Know who is opening emails and clicking links.

Social Marketing Campaigns

TWEET AND LIKE Engage with your contacts on multiple marketing channels, including social media. Run multi-channel marketing campaigns with automated tweets.

Automated Lead Scoring

Score leads automatically based on their actions, including email opens, link clicks, website browsing and more. Run campaigns based on lead scores and get real-time alerts about the hottest leads.

Behavior-based Segmentation

Segment your contacts automatically based on their actions. Add relevant tags and notes, and automatically push them into targeted campaigns using this automation tool.

Email A/B Testing

Evaluate and optimize your email messages with A/B testing. Send different versions of emails to contacts and evaluate based on open and click rates.

Email Tracking and Reports

Know who opens your emails. See statistics on email opens and clicks. Use custom URLs to track contact actions and increase email conversions in the future.

Email Personalization

AUTOMATICALLY PERSONAL Add a personal touch to your emails, automatically. Personalize emails with a contact's name, company, location, interests and more. Send coupons based on customers interests and browsing habits.

Drip Marketing

SMART AND RESPONSIVE Create sophisticated drip campaigns to send the right message at the right time based on customer behavior. Increase conversions with imJenius Marketing CRM.

Integrated Sales Automation

PUSH LEADS FROM MARKETING TO SALES Once a lead is qualified, imJenius Marketing CRM can automatically create deals and assign them to the right sales rep. Define your sales process and keep sales and marketing automatically aligned 24/7.

Define Triggers to Start Campaigns

READY, SET, GO! Trigger targeted marketing campaigns using custom conditions such as a new tag, particular lead score, new lead, and more. Triggers can be used for both contacts as well as companies.

Email Scheduling

Use email scheduling to send important mail to your customers at the optimal time on the perfect day. We automatically adjust for time zones and other factors.


Integrate your workflow with your web infrastructure using JSON. Push or retrieve data to/from your other applications easily through imJenius Marketing CRM.

Web Engagement

CUSTOM POPUPS Take your real-time marketing to new heights with custom popups such as signup forms, coupons, surveys, feedback forms, and anything else you can imagine. Capture leads and make your small business huge.

Marketing Automation FAQs

Do I really need marketing automation?

If your business depends on marketing notepads, spreadsheets and informal emails for customer communication, there are high chances that the customer experience you are providing is not up to the mark. At the very least, it is necessary to have a centralized contact database for all leads and customers, and track every interaction with each of these contacts. If your marketing collateral is being created and stored in disparate systems in an unorganized fashion, your customer facing teams will struggle to achieve consistency in multi-channel communication. Ideally, all your marketing content needs to be mapped to the stages of the buyer’s purchase process. Also, it needs to be stored on a single platform accessible across the organization. If you are unable to generate a considerable amount of qualified leads through outbound marketing tactics such as mass email or call campaigns, it could be because of improper segmentation and targeting of the audience lists. You need to adopt a systematic approach towards storing and filtering lead data based on specific segmentation parameters to ensure that your communication is relevant to the audience. Customers today require a personalized, engaging and consistent experience across channels and it is the most important factor which determines the effectiveness of your brand. This automation software helps you achieve just that.

As a small business owner, do I need this automation?

If you are a small business with limited staff, automation becomes even more necessary since efficiency is the name of the game. Using this automation software, a team of two or even an individual can effectively manage multiple email campaigns and social media campaigns in tandem with other web marketing efforts. Also, it is beneficial to adopt a solution in the early stages of your business as it allows you to streamline your business processes as per industry best practices and create a rich customer database right from the beginning.

How will this automation help me grow my business?

Traditionally, this automation software has been equated to email marketing tools that automate sending and tracking of mass email campaigns. However, this software offers much beyond that. Today, it is an established fact that this type of automation has a direct tangible impact on the revenues of businesses, especially in the case of B2B enterprises. Inbound Lead Generation: Modern SMB automation tools for marketing empower you to generate quality leads through inbound content marketing tactics. You can make your blogs or websites more interactive and create personalized landing pages with utmost ease. Customized web forms can help you implement progressive profiling that provides a non-intrusive way to capture lead or customer data in a seamless manner. Lead Nurturing: Post generation of leads, this tool allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your leads’ behavior and preferences. They enable you to quantify lead conversion probability through lead scoring and automate lead nurturing through regular, customized, multi-channel communication with the lead. They also enable the passing of sales-ready ‘hot’ leads for follow up and conversion to the on-field sales teams. Customer Retention: Post conversion of leads, this software enables you to maintain 360-degree customer profiles with detailed demographic, firmographic and behavioral data for each customer. You can micro-segment your customer database to drive cross-sell and upsell campaigns which can help you boost customer retention, brand advocacy and ultimately, average revenue per customer.

How do I choose the right software?

Choosing the right software requires careful consideration of several important parameters: Functional Fitment: Standalone MA software cannot be effective without a comprehensive marketing strategy in place. It is important to document the marketing processes that are expected to be automated by using the application and then choose the solution accordingly. Also, it is essential to measure the improvement in marketing key performance indicators (KPIs) post-implementation. Hence a solution that provides inbuilt reports and customer analytics is preferable. Ease of Use: To drive adoption within your marketing team, it is important to choose an intuitive platform providing drag and drop ease for most functionalities. Scalability: Your automation software should be able to seamlessly support an increase in the number of your customers, leads and team members over a considerable period of time without an unforeseen increase in cost. Ease of Integration: The chosen software should be compatible with your existing enterprise application standards and should integrate easily with relevant applications such as the brand website, email solution, CRM application (if separate) and data warehouse. Single Platform Availability: Though you may be looking at only a marketing automation module for your current requirements, it is possible that you may, in future, choose to automate other customer-facing functions such as Sales and Service. It is recommended to opt for a solution that provides all these functions through a single platform. This will greatly reduce integration complexities and empower you with a comprehensive view of interactions across the customer lifecycle, in future.

Is this automation software too expensive to setup and manage?

The cost of this software depends on the scale of your business and specifically, your marketing efforts. Often large in-house enterprise software implementation projects stretch beyond expected timelines and budgets. For most businesses, it makes sense to opt for a solution that provides a free trial so that they get a first-hand experience of setting up and using the application. imJenius Marketing CRM’s MA software is free to try! For up to 10 users and 5000 emails, businesses can leverage imJenius Marketing’s powerful capabilities at zero cost. Also, paid plans offer great value for money starting from $8.99 per user per month. You can see a detailed comparison of the pricing plans here. Since it is available as a web-based packaged module, no technical team or coding knowledge is required to set it up. This software design incorporates industry best practices and standardized marketing processes so you can start using the in-built functionalities with minimal customization. Also, for integrating your website or enterprise applications with imJenius Marketing, ready-made APIs and developer resources are available.