Mobile Marketing CRM

Send out personalized SMS and include mobile messaging in campaigns

Become a mobile marketer in minutes with Agile and reach out to your contacts no matter where they are. Integrate your marketing efforts and take your business to the next level with Agile's multi-channel marketing.


AUTOMATIC ENGAGEMENT Send automated mobile messages based on contact actions. Automatically text leads with follow up messages, confirmation messages and welcome messages.

Drag and drop Workflow

VISUAL DESIGNER Easily build multi-step mobile marketing campaign workflows using Agile CRM's drag-and-drop visual designer. Engage your contacts on their smart phones for higher ROI.

SMS Personalization

SAY HI Automatically personalize your messages with a variety of custom SMS fields, including first name, last name, location and company. Personal messages get a much higher response rate.

Behavior-based Targeting

Target your customers based on their activity. Segment automatically and run targeted mobile campaigns. Send messages for subscription, billing, product updates, helpdesk, promotions, updates, upgrades and more.

Drip Marketing

Drip marketing isn't just for email. Create drip mobile marketing campaigns to send the right messages at the right time based on contact behavior.

Message Scheduling

Schedule all important messages to be delivered so that they get sent to your contacts at a specific date and time with respect to their time zone.

Life Cycle Marketing

Define mobile campaigns to engage your contacts throughout the marketing life cycle. Follow up with your contacts through mobile messaging to increase conversions.