Multichannel Campaigns

Build integrated multichannel campaigns that engage prospects in all the places they go to look to for information.

These days, it’s not enough to just put your message out there. You have to reach prospects and customers on the communication channel they look to for information. The channels are many and varied, but you must reach the ones that your customers are using in order to close deals and grow your business. Multichannel campaigns help you maintain a presence on the all the channels that are relevant to your brand, ensuring you’re able to better engage prospects and maintain satisfied, informed customers.

Email Marketing

Agile CRM provides an easy to use, drag-and-drop email builder. Select from various templates, then add text, images or videos. Use tags with your contact database to easily target specific segments of prospects. Score leads when they open or click your emails. Assess your email marketing efforts with robust metrics and reporting.

Social Media

Supplement your multichannel campaigns with social media marketing. Automate posts by scheduling them right from your Agile CRM dashboard. Leverage the system to track the social behavior of your prospects and customers, then use that data to better understand where and how your audience is engaging with you.

Landing Pages

Use Agile CRM’s intuitive landing page builder to design visually appealing landing pages that engage more leads. Use forms on your pages to capture new leads and update data from existing contacts, all while distributing your most valuable content. Add your logo to your landing pages to mirror your own branding.


Integrate videos into your marketing campaigns by either placing them on the landing pages you build, or embedding them in emails you send. Embed a popup in the video that invites viewers to subscribe to your blog or YouTube channel. Add a comments section to allow viewers to share their experience or ask a question.

Mobile SMS Marketing

Incorporate text messaging into multichannel campaigns. Send messages in bulk to targeted segments of your contacts. Queue auto-responder messages to be sent upon a specified behavioral trigger. Personalize messages with contacts’ names or other relevant information.

Website Interactivity

Agile’s web rules automate actions in response to user activity on your website. Use web rules to show popups, surveys or forms; automatically increase a lead score; add contacts to a specific email campaign when they visit a specific product page; and much more. For example, when visitors are about to leave your website, display a popup with a newsletter sign up form. When a contact visits a product page, automatically send them a personalized email offering them a demo.


Agile’s call center CRM lets you streamline your telephone outreach and easily integrate telemarketing into your multichannel campaigns. With multiple telephony integrations, Agile CRM allows your team to make, receive and record calls, create call scripts, take notes, automate voicemail, and more.