Send Newsletters Using Agile CRM

Boost your brand’s mindshare with appealing newsletters

Email newsletters have moved much beyond being simple weekly text emails. With advanced scheduling features, predefined HTML templates and seamless marketing campaign integration, newsletters can deliver an engaging customer experience and have a direct impact on the bottom-line like never before.

Why Send Newsletter?

Increase Brand Awareness and Drive Traffic

Create a lasting first impression with beautifully crafted newsletters that describe your brand offerings and the buying process. You can also provide relevant CTAs and links to drive traffic to your website and social media outposts.

Educate Prospects and Build Credibility

Send newsletters with product demo videos, white papers, product comparisons and other engaging content to your prospects at various stages of the sales funnel and enable them to take an informed decision. Establish your expertise with credible data presented in an effective manner.

Drive Repeat Business and Referrals

Keep in touch with your existing customers with exciting information and relevant new offers to drive cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Email newsletters with great pass-along value have the power to generate a number of qualified referrals online without any additional marketing effort.

Why Agile CRM Newsletter?

Agile provides you with the most powerful, yet easy to use newsletter features which enable you to design and send newsletters in a flash.

Automated Subscription Management

Agile CRM integrates seamlessly with inbound marketing platforms such as your website, blog, social media pages and landing pages to automatically collate all your subscriber data into a centralized database. This database can be then sliced and diced based on various parameters to generate the perfect target list for your newsletter campaigns. Also, you can provide the ‘unsubscribe’ option in your newsletter as a best practice to allow your users to opt out which in turn enables you to focus on the high converting leads.

Drag and Drop Ease

Creating a newsletter campaign with Agile CRM requires zero coding or technical knowledge. Agile provides you with a graphical interface with a built-in WYSIWYG editor to design and send newsletters. You can easily manage complex functionalities such as changing the deal milestone automatically or pausing the campaign for a particular time frame, based on newsletter opens detected for a particular contact. Also, you can effortlessly schedule your newsletter campaign across different time zones.

Predefined Templates

Agile provides a selection of pre-designed mobile-optimized HTML newsletter templates which can be easily customized to suit your specific audience. What’s more? You can even create your own templates for future use. You can include images, videos, contact details, social media buttons and more to spruce up your newsletters. Also, personalizing your newsletters is easy using integration with Agile CRM’s contact database. You can send newsletters addressing each contact with the right salutation name and include the company details if required.

A/B Testing

With Agile you can test the effectiveness of your email newsletters using A/B split testing. In the proportion specified by you, a part of your audience will receive, say content A and the rest will receive content B. You can then track the responses, email opens and clicks to determine which newsletters proved more effective and accordingly tweak your newsletters going forward. A/B testing ensures that the quality of newsletters keeps improving continuously as user preferences evolve.

Performance Analytics

Once you send newsletters, you can track, in real-time, the number of emails opened, click-through rates, link clicks, hard and soft bounces and the number of users opting out of subscription. With Agile’s email newsletter performance reports you can accurately track your contact behavior and pinpoint the content that drives maximum engagement and ultimately, conversions.