Post Call Automation

Automate post call administrative tasks. Help your sales team engage with more prospects—and your support team assist more customers—in less time.

Your sales and support representatives spend a lot of time on the phone. The call may only take ten minutes, but they likely spend at least that much time completing administrative tasks following the call. Agile CRM’s post call automation features, part of its advanced telephony feature set, helps automate many of those tasks so your team can move more quickly through calls. Sales reps can cast a wider net with their prospecting efforts, while support reps can assist more customers in less time.

Track Call Histories

Any call you make with Agile CRM’s telephony suite is automatically tracked back to the contact you spoke with. All of the information from the call becomes available for reference in the future.

Log Call Notes

Once your call is in progress, you can take notes while you speak. Once the call ends, post call automation automatically adds those notes to the contact’s call history while you move on to the next call.

Schedule Tasks or Meetings

Any meetings that your prospect or customer agrees to, or any tasks that you commit to carrying out for the customer can be easily tracked and automatically added to your Agile CRM calendar.

Automate Follow-Up Messages

Automatically run follow-up email sends to your contacts after a call to let them know about scheduled meetings, tasks, or simply to thank them for their time.