Project Management Software

Manage projects effectively with Agile's drag-and-drop task list

Every business needs a seamless integration of sales and marketing activities for better project management. This helps them in consistent messaging, avoiding data leaks and ensuring that both the departments are in sync with the tasks and timelines. The goal is to manage projects with no team working in isolation. With the use of Agile’s streamlined drag-and-drop project management tool, it’s easy to manage tasks between your sales and marketing teams. The project management software encompasses different options to check and track the status of your projects.

Drag-and-Drop Tasks

ORGANIZE EVERYTHING Agile's innovate drag-and-drop project management tool makes it ridiculously easy to move your tasks between different sections, edit or delete tasks, and mark them as complete. Agile's visual project management tool lets you get back to work knowing that your project info will never be out of sync.

Sort Tasks Based on Categories

FIND AND FILTER Project management software enables you to sort tasks based on Priority, Due Date, Owner or Status. Move tasks to different sections by simply dragging and dropping.

View Only Your Tasks

With project management software, it’s easy to sort and manage your personal tasks. Monitor the status of the tasks assigned to you and complete them at the right time. This helps you to cut through the clutter of all the tasks of your team members and reach your task list directly.

Add New Tasks

Project management software enables you to add tasks and assign them to the right team member. Set the new task’s type, due date and category, and associate the appropriate contacts from the get-go. Give your teams all the details they need to move your business forward. You can get all this in simple and convenient steps using the project management tool.

Add Notes

TRACK PROJECT STATUS With the project management software, you can track the status of your project. Add notes to tasks when new developments occur. Keep your entire enterprise updated. Agile CRM's project management tool keeps all the information about a task in one central place - and automatically distributes it to your entire team - eliminating confusion and letting you get back to work.

Check Status

STAY UP-TO-DATE Check the status of your tasks, complete them on time, and move them to the completed list once they're done. To help you prioritize, you can also view all overdue tasks in one place. Agile’s Project Management tool gets you there.