Push Notifications

Get real-time notification for emails, tasks, new contacts and more on desktops and mobile devices

Push Notifications Service Features

Take web engagement to the next level with Agile CRM’s push notifications. Send instant messages to your customers whenever they are online, wherever they may be. Drive traffic, increase conversions and boost loyalty with the right communication at the right time. Push notifications are easy to setup, compatible across devices and deliver much higher click-through rates than most traditional forms of web advertising.

Advanced Messaging

Don’t let your messages get lost inside crowded inboxes or blocked by spam filters and ad blockers. Break through the clutter by reaching your customers directly on their desktops and mobile devices. To receive these notifications, users are not required to download any application or visit any website. All they need to do is to opt-in for these notifications.

Lead Nurturing

Push Notification are great way to nurture your leads.Create sophisticated nurture campaigns to send the right message at the right time based on customer behavior. Stay engaged, Increase conversions.

Easy Integration

With Agile CRM, setting up push notifications is as easy as it gets. Copy and paste a code snippet to your web page and you are ready to trigger notifications in a flash. The simple user interface enables your business teams to create notifications and integrate them into marketing campaigns within minutes.

Tailored Communication

Add appealing images, logos, headlines, links to drive customer behavior. Use push notifications for all kinds of messaging – promotional discount coupons, product updates, event reminders, feedback requests or utility messages such as traffic, weather, and playoff scores. Preview notifications to get a first hand feel of the end customer experience and ensure you are right on target with your communication.

Contact Analytics

Assess campaign effectiveness by tracking clicks and conversions in real time on the contact Timelines. The end-to-end process flow available in the Agile CRM application enables automatic creation of leads through push notifications.