Text Messaging

Leverage text messaging to maximize the communication channels you use to connect with your audience.

Integrating SMS text messaging into your marketing campaigns or sales and support function can help you engage your audience at just the right time. Nearly everyone carries a cellular phone these days, so send them relevant text messages when the time is right to maximize engagement with your brand.

Keyword Text Messaging

When you receive a text message from a current customer that contains a specified keyword, you can configure the system to automatically take a specified action. Immediately send a text message or email response based on that keyword, or trigger a task for the relevant sales or support rep to follow up.

Bulk Messages

Schedule messages to be sent in bulk to targeted segments of your contacts. Simply determine which segment you want to target based on tagged attributes and queue up a highly relevant message to everyone in that segment.


Use system-provided triggers to automatically send auto-responder messages to prospects and customers who display specified behaviors. For example, send a promotional offer to any known contact that visits your pricing page.

Personalized Messages

Use the contact data you have to personalize the messages you send. Include a contact’s name, geographical location, or products owned in a message for that personal touch.