Video Emails

Embed personalized videos in your marketing emails to increase engagement with your brand.

These days, video is one of the most engaging mediums available to effectively convey your message to the market. Agile CRM empowers you to leverage video assets in your email marketing efforts by embedding videos in emails, personalizing the viewer experience, and keeping track of the results.

Video Upload and Creation

Upload an existing video for immediate use. Or, create your own using Agile’s video recording features. Use standard, built-in video themes, or build custom themes to fit your specific needs. Once complete, simply insert your video into an email with an intuitive, drag-and-drop email builder.

Targeted Videos

Boost engagement by sending prospects and customers video emails that align with their interests. Segment your target audience by various attributes—such as job title, industry or company size—and route different videos to different recipients based on those attributes.

Calls to Action

Increase customer interaction with your brand by including a call to action right in the video. Embed a pop up in the video that invites viewers to subscribe to your blog or YouTube channel. Add a comments section to allow viewers to share their experience or ask a question.

Lead Acquisition

Gate important, high-value videos with forms that request information from the lead before they can view the video. Place those forms where you want with Agile's intuitive landing page builder. Obtain more information on existing leads and add new leads to your database for further nurturing.

Performance Tracking

Once your video email has been sent, you can maintain a view into how well it performs. Take advantage of robust tools for analyzing email sends and keep track of important metrics such as emails delivered, emails opened, number of video views, and more.