Online Web Form Builder

Drag and drop to build responsive web forms to improve conversions and generate leads

Online Web Form Builder Software Features

Strategically place personalized web forms across your website and landing pages to capture important contact information from new leads. Automatically bring new leads into existing marketing campaigns. Maintain constant insight into who is engaging with your brand, allowing you to move more deals through the pipeline faster.

Predefined and Custom Forms

Leverage predefined form templates, or create your own custom web forms with an easy-to-use drag and drop form builder. You can even create web forms that mimic your company’s branding.

Strategic Form Placement

With a simple embed code, you can easily place web forms on your Agile CRM landing pages or your own company website. Or, drive leads to your forms by including the form link in your outbound marketing emails.

Form Submission Tracking

Email notifications can alert you each time a form is completed. The geographical location of a prospect is automatically provided to you for each submission. Captcha features let you distinguish between human and machine submissions.

Automated Lead Processing

Use built-in triggers to send new leads into pre-set demand generation campaigns upon submission of your web forms. Route newly qualified leads to the correct sales manager and ensure timely follow up.